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About Will Hailer

Will Hailer has worked with global businesses, startups, candidates and elected officials to create meaningful and permanent impact.

Prior to starting Rose Lake Inc., Will Hailer spent almost two decades rising within the leadership ranks of politics in the United States - ultimately serving as the Senior Advisor to the Chairman at the Democratic National Committee. He spearheaded a nationwide $25 million multichannel ad campaign, elected Doug Jones to the United States Senate, managed a team of over 350 as the Executive Director of the Texas Democratic Party and oversaw the successful restructuring of a national $250 million organization. Will Hailer and his teams work has led to billions of digital impressions, hundreds of millions of dollars raised and a deep understanding of connecting the dots. He's elected thousands of people to office and, since leaving politics, Will Hailer has successfully built multiple companies as an entrepreneur, investor and business owner.

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